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  • 1. How do I rent a powerbank?
    1) Scan directly og get the GET LIT app 2) Choose payment method 3) Scan QR code og take your powerbank 4) Can be returned in any GET LIT station in your city
  • 2. How do I find a GET LIT lokation?
    You can always find us in the GET LIT app in the map, or in the list function in right corner. To see the nearest location, and how many powerbanks they have.
  • 3. Hvordan bruger jeg powerbanken?
    1) Take powerbank 2) Select your charging cable and connect phone or device 3) Press the "On" button on the left side, if the powerbank doesn't turn on automatically. The power bank lights up in blue or white color at the end surface - when it is switched on.
  • 4. How do I switch off the powerbank?
    It turns off automatically. Manually, the "ON/OFF button" can be held down, then the powerbank will also switch off
  • 5. How do I return the powerbank?
    1) Put the cables in place 2) Insert the power bank back into the charging station 3) A robotic voice confirms "RENT SUCCESS" 4) Order confirmation will be received in app All powerbanks can be returned in any GET LIT station in Denmark and Germany
  • 6. How much does it cost?
    DKK 10 / 30 minutes DKK 75 / 24 hours DKK 300 maximum rental time per power bank If you forgot to return the power bank, it can always be returned the next day in other Get Lit locations :)
  • 7. How do I pay?
    Payment is chosen in the app via MobilePay or payment card / ApplePay / GooglePay. When the powerbank is turned to station the amount will be deducted on your card.
  • 8. Can I pay with cash?
    No Payments can only be done in the app via MobilePay / ApplePay / GooglePay or payments cards due to safety reasons.
  • 9. How long does it take to get a full charge?
    They are quite fast with Fast Charge! But depending on how much battery you already have, you can easily get by with only 30 minutes charging. They charge 30-40% more battery in 30 mins.
  • 10. Can I charge multiple phones on the same powerbank?
    Yes, you can! But it will be slow 😊
  • 11. Can I charge other devices too?
    YES! Powerbanks come with built-in cables - MicroUSB, USB-C and Lightning, which fits all phones, headsets, iPads, running watches, etc. Super cool!
  • 12. What type of powerbank is it?
    They are fast chargers with Fast Charge! 5000mAh 3.7V 18.5Wh Input: DC 5V = 2A Output: DC 5V = 2.1A ​ Get 30-40% more battery in only 30 minutes of charging
  • 13. Can I see how much power the powerbank has left?
    At the end of the powerbank there is a light that indicates how much power is left. The charging station only pops out power banks that have a minimum of 70% battery in them. So you don't risk getting a flat powerbank from the start :) If one powerbank is not enough to charge your phone, you can also always return it and scan a new one each time. All powerbanks are fully charged, and ready to use! Awesome!
  • 14. What happens if I don't return the powerbank?
    Each user is registered with a payment card before you can scan a powerbank. Price is DKK 10 per 30 minutes, and maximum DKK 75 per 24 hours. If the power bank is not returned within 4 days, the purchase will automatically terminate at DKK 300 for the product. You can also keep the power bank if you want. But the purpuse is to keep the sustainable sharing concept, so the powerbanks gets reused across city.
  • 15. What if I lose the powerbank?
    You can contact us in the GET LIT app! Hotline will report it lost, and deduct only total 300 kr for the lost powerbank and rent. It happens sometimes after a good party :p
  • 16. The powerbank does not work?
    1) Press "turn on" in the page 2) or put it back in the charging station and scan a new one
  • 17. I can't put the powerbank back into the charging station?
    Maybe the powerbank is not turned correctly? Try turn it around. Plugs and cables must be in place before inserting
  • 18. ​What if there is no available space to insert my powerbank?
    In the app you can the "list" function with an overview of all the locations nearby you, and their availabilities
  • 19. How do i contact Hotline?
    The Hotline in Get Lit app is open every day from 10am - 2pm
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